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Poll: TAYLOR JACOBS as a SAFETY or CB or Wasted, let us hear your opinion???


(disclaimer: this poll is public, chuck will know your answer!) is chuck noprris:  

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  1. 1. (disclaimer: this poll is public, chuck will know your answer!) is chuck noprris:

    • A) amazing beyond belief
    • B) super fantabulous
    • C) super-human awsome
    • D) sub par at best

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Ouch..... ya i could see him lookin worse than that depending on who it was that he tried to tackle..... sellers in practice..... jacobs would die

I'm pretty sure Jacobs would think he had a concussion after that anyway

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First, I think you assigned one to many DLinemen and LBers. Second, and more importantly, this is the dumbest thread to hit this board in a while. Which is interesting, because I was about to come in here and say, not a bad idea, until I read your post. At least the thought of converting Jacobs to a CB is a decent one. It was your only decent one.

"I hope and I am crossing my fingers that the Superior Talent Evaluators team in Redskins Park ( Joe Gibbs, Gregg Williams, Louis Riddick, Don Warren, Al Saunders, Steve Jackson, and Jerry Gray ) will seriously consider a creative and out of the box project of converting Taylor Jacobs from WR to backup SAFETY or backup CB, instead of the conservative, lazy, and narrow minded move in simply cutting him on August."

You mean the conservative, lazy, narrow minded move SUGGESTED by Fans on this board and not even hinted at by the Coaches? Seriously.

"Taylor Jacobs was selected AHEAD of these dominant and excellent players"

Cooley was selected BEHIND a nice list of complete wastes of draft picks. Perhaps you dont understand the draft. Or anything for that matter. You dont really know what you are going to get. Wow. Any idiot can look back a couple years and tell someone else where they went wrong.

"Joe Gibbs has been wasting and throwing away draft picks like some smelly, wet ****roaches since his arrival in 2004."

Thats just dumb-stupid. Since Gibbs has arrived, we drafted ST, considered already to be a probowler, and then used a 3rd round pick to draft Cooley, who should have been in the pro-bowl last season. The second year, we drafted Campbell, and Rogers, who played great for us last year. We also used draft picks to aquire talent such as CP, Lloyd, Brunell, who had a 23 TD 10 INT season(and I am definately no Brunell fan).

I certainly hope Gibbs doesnt throw away any more of those oh so valuable draft picks, on any more of those pro-bowl type players. Sucks to be us.

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Ya , he would get trucked every time he trys to make a tackle. Imagine him tryna tackle someone like Jamal Lewis....then again everybody gets trucked tryna tacle Jamal Lewis. :D

Haha, so true. Jacobs has played receiver all these years... it's too much of a risk to get him to change positions now. Lots of question marks up in the air:

1. Can he learn to tackle? Does he like making contact?

2. Does he have any coverage abilities other than pure speed? (Ability to back-pedal and transition, making reads, knowing when to turn for a ball, etc.)

3. Does he have enough confidence/mentality to play the spot? Cornerbacks have to be able to bounce back after bad plays and thrive on the pressure of challenging a WR. Jacobs seems to disappear when he's needed.

4. Can he stay healthy?

I could see him as a Deion-type of CB, but Deion had amazing coverage skills that overshadowed his aversion to tackling. Jacobs has the physical toolset to be a coverage corner, but it's probably too late for him to pick up the mental aspects of the position.

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3) Taylor Jacobs has 4.3 speed and quickness. Taylor Jacobs can match or maybe even outran Santana Moss stride for stride.

Jacobs is fast but he does not have the same kind of freakish speed as Santana. Sure they both timed well on the track, but on the field Jacobs can never seem to outrun man coverage even when there's no safety over the top.

It seems to me that you are greatly overestimating his physical abilities on all counts. He is too frail to survive as a CB (and CERTAINLY not a safety), has no experience at the position, and doesn't appear to have a great learning curve as evidenced by his progress so far.

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