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DL Stategy last night........


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Didn't I read somewhere that the DL was going to focus on containment and not letting McNabb get loose in the flats? Maybe it was Wilkinson who suggested that last night's DL was not going to be "sexy" or something. Does someone remember this quote before the game?

The reason I ask is... I think it might explain why we didn't get an inordinate amount of pressure on McNabb. Maybe ML schemed to have the DL just hold their ground, yet McNabb was still able to find the running lanes. The fact that Wilkinson batted two consecutive plays, at exactly the same place on the line of scrimmage, may be an indication that the lack of pressure was based more by design than performance.

Of course, having Bruce Smith run himself out of the field of vision on each play didn't help..... nor did having Arrington face Runyan from the DE spot. Ultimately, I think the game plan failed.... and that a few tweaks to the scheme itself (more man coverage) and a few more disguised LB blitzes will help.

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Yeah, that's the story: the defense focused on containing McNabb, keeping him in the pocket and making him beat us with his arm.

The dumb part of that is, when it was clear it wasn't working -- they drove down the field and scored on their first two possessions -- we didn't make any changes.

That's just dumb.

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