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Could our defense stop our offense?


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Something to ponder over during the offseason.

I just saw whoever's sig that has all our offensive players on it and says "What defense can stop this?" and made me think, would our defense even match up favorably with our offense?

I think in a 2 WR, run formation, then yes, our defense would be fine. The 4-3 front could contain portis to 3 yards a carry, put Washington on Cooley and Marshall on Fauria, with both starting recievers doubled. Portis normally stays in the backfield to block, so you can keep your WLB there to spy Brunell/Campbell.

However, things get interesting when Randle El and/or Patten come in. Get us out of the base 4-3 formation, and what do we do? Who do we cover? Double Moss with Springs and Archuleta, let Rogers do his best against Lloyd 1 on 1, and put Wright (or Griffin if we draft him) on Randle El with help from Taylor? Then you leave Lloyd 1-on-1, as well as Cooley (even though he'd have Washington in his face the whole time).

I know it would never happen, but just something fun to think about.

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I don't think so. Wahington is a great LB, but I wouldn't want him trying to cover Cooley. Our O-line is just as good if not better than our D-Line. CP would average 4-5 yds a carry behind Samuels and Dockery going against the undersized Carter and ?LB.

Then again...

This year is going to be sweet!!!

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That's kinda like asking if Chuck Norris could kick his own ass.

The thing is, he could, but hes got Jack Bauer to do it for him.

Back on topic.

Im interested in why people think Portis would only get 3 yards a carry when last year quite a few running backs scored big against us, Tiki Barber comes to mind. Pardon my ignorance but i wouldve thought that our running game would have been a strong part of our offence based on last years performance.

However as stated i guess noone knows much about our "new" offence so we will have to wait n see.

Great thread though. :applause:

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One word. Yes. Our D will be back to it's form as it was in 04' i believe. With the acquisition of Andre Carter, we now have a legitamite DE, to cause pressure along-side Daniels. With Griffin in the middle plugging up the holes, and causing pressure our line should be pretty dang good. Also with Archuletta, we added another good player at the LOS, causing even more pressure, this is exactly what our D thrives off of. If our D gets pressure, we are one of the best in the league. This will also cause more ints for our D. So overall our D got lots better.

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