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Vikings new uniforms


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The home ones still look the same to me...the only reason I pay any attention to the Vikings is becaused I'm a fan of Brad Johnson. He was done wrong in DC.

I totally agree with you about B. Johnson!

I'll have to give my dad this link. He's a big Vikings fan. But with their miserable play as of late, he seems to be spending a lot of time talking about the Steelers. :doh:

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I'm just glad I don't have to subject myself to the indignity of determining what part of my favorite NFL team's uniform should be purple.

PURPLE. :doh:

Seeing those images makes me all the happier to root for the Burgundy and Gold... even if it usually is more like red and yellow.

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I like em'... the earlier uniform had them changing their helmet design as well...

Glad they didn't change the helmet, it's a classic!

I think the Vikings have made some interesting changes this offseason! I'll be looking forward to our matchup!

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