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Are we 0-5 again....


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or 1-1 and tied for the division lead?

I admit the game last night was painful to watch,but after one bad performance against the NFC East champs this board has already came to the conclusion that we have no talent on either sides of the lines and we need to start looking towards the draft.Our secondary sucks and Lewis needs to go.

What happens if we beat SF? Do we still suck and have zip for talent, or are we still a team that could challenge for a wildcard spot and an outside shot at winning the NFC East like we were before yesterday?

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If we beat the Niners, then the Eagles game was an aberration and <insert name here> is the best QB in the league.

But I don't think the criticism of the line play, defense or offense, is new. We've been talking about it all year. Everyone knows the interior line is a patchwork job, and the DL features one retiree (Smith), one decent widebody (Big Daddy), one middle-of-the-road stopgap (Wynn), and one gaping hole (Powell, or whoever).

I don't think anyone has said that Lewis needs to go. Everyone has said that Lewis needs to make changes. I think Lewis said that too.

I don't think that too much of the criticism here today is unfair. Sure, a lot of it is just venting over another embarrassing home loss, but there's some truth in it. The OL and DL aren't very good. The QBs are journeymen. The WRs are unproven. The safeties are very vulnerable.

The season is hardly over after two games, especially because we're all tied up in the NFC East (although we have one division loss, so I guess we're in last). The trouble is that we have 6 homes games and 8 roads games ahead of us, and we play worse at home than on the road. Troubling... very troubling. If you want all sunshine and roses, go visit the Eagles boards today.

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