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We pay a million freakin' bucks a year for.....

Joey T

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If Marvin Lewis wants to extend his tenure and add to his aspirations as a HC, he had better learn the talent of his players instead of tending to his thesis of what worked last year(In another conference)will carry me to my higher asperations as a HC. Poor baby didn't get the HC job @ Tampa.

From what I've seen of his arrogant nature as DC @ Redskins, I hope he learns a valuable lesson and overcomes his tendencies.

I hope he coaches the Redskins to a #1 D and goes on to fullfill his dreams of being a Super Bowl HC:cheers: :pint:

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Marvin Lewis, Tony Dungy...another few "defensive minds" will inevitable get exposed, they bring nothing new to the game, running a Cover 2, whooo, incredible...they bring nothing revolutionary or exciting to the game and are hardly able to fully tap the resources of their defenseive talent... Great motivators...but so what...

Since (the great) Bill Parcells, there are only a few coaches in this league who I have seen build defenses where the performance far exceed talent....Billichek of the Pats for one and (not to be a homer) but Jim Johnson of the Eagles.. Honorable mention to Bill Cowher too....

These coaches can create something out of nothing, they understand the intangible and precise aspects of the game and know how to mapiulate them... True genius of the game..

Marvin Lewis is a solid 'role playing' defensive coach who knows how to use his talent....but unless you guys build a roster (or maybe just add a pass rush) like the Ravens had, the defense will never be anything special...

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I agree about your assessment of Johnson & Billicheck. Especially Johnson. I also like Fox, now HC @ Carolina. M Lewis has not yet shown a propensity to use his best players on the Redskins @ our best advantage. He has LaVar playing DE on passing downs. That is not how LaVar can best make a living.

If ML has aspirations of becoming a HC, it would behoove him to study film of our D from the last three seasons. Our whole D backfield plays better man to man and LaVar is better suited to attack the play rather than sit and react. By no means is LaVar a DE:laugh: Marv wishes that were true because we do not have a proven DE capable of disrupting the passing attack of MOST teams.

We have added Trotter and Armstead to the mix on D, so Marv has no excuses. We were a top 5-10 on D in the NFL last year.

This may be a long season, but it will be a season of learning for SS. Mostly fun & gun, I hope.

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