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And we get the ball back in the 2nd 1/2


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Maybe the Zebra's can give you a few more advantages.

This game should be 10-7.

Fumble for the Fecals ruled down with no whistle

Champ ruled to fumble when his thigh is clearly down.

Rod Gardner hit on 4th down- no call

Shane slides but gets hit late- no call.

Impressive game by the Fecals and the Zebras.

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Its 30-7 ! you're geting totaly dominated !!!!! You're a fraud ,

keep thinking Spurrier is worth a dime ..... You're cheerleaders even suck ,, they go on the filed at the wrong time ,, listen , evevn the broadcasters are laughing at you.

Trotter ?!!!!!!! HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , you were had !!!! you can have him.


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