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Washington Red Zebras?


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I think that Dan Snyder will own the team for the next 50 years or so...i.e. as long as he can.

I don't think he'd ever change the team name unless he was legally forced to (like could have happened with the trademark case that he won a year or two ago), or if public pressure reaches a critical point (which doesn't seem likely in the near future). BUT, do you think he's at all considering the team name "Red Zebras" as a long-term potential candidate?

My thinking is that he'd want to preserve as much of the tradition as possible, such as the team colors, etc. Of course, they are informally known as "the 'skins" and ideally that would be preserved as well. No idea how to transition that to a less-offensive formal nickname though.

I think the Red Zebras would be a crappy USFL/XFL-type name, but I noticed the word "Red" and it got me thinking...


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Always thought Red Tape would be a perfect fit for DC if a change had to be made.

Luckily we wont have to face that issue. Especially years from now.

On a side note, stop thinking so hard, messes you all up. :cheers:

:laugh: Clever!

I've always thought that a good name (okay, not that good, considering nothing would replace the Redskins name) would be the Warlocks. It goes along with the Wizards/Mystics "magical" theme, plus it has the word "war" in it.

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Snyder will never change the name. The name is too valuable from a marketing standpoint. Too much work has gone into getting the name recognition for the Redskins as a product.

It'd be like Coke changing its name because its also a drug. Never gonna happen unless forced, and even then, he'll fight it like hell.

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You could go back to your original name of the "Braves", but some groups may not like that either...

I can see how some may be offended by "Redskins" not knowing the history of the name. What they don't realize is the "intent" and the intent was not to be racist. Over time, things become cloudy.

I never understood the issues with Braves, Seminoles, Chiefs... etc...

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But from a pure business standpoint, if Snyder (somehow) were to change the name, can you imagine the sales boom in the near future for 1)Redskins gear before they stop manufacturing and 2)the new uni's with the new logo and stuff on it.

That being said, it will never happen if he does have to change the name, I'd be down for either The Skins or The Hogs....

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