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WT - Redskins radio promises kickoff


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Redskins radio promises kickoff

By Dan Caterinicchia

April 5, 2006

March Madness has given way to Major League Baseball, but Washington remains a football town, so why is so little being said about the future of Redskins Radio?

The team already has made a big splash in the free-agent market, and there's plenty of news coming with the National Football League draft this month and training camp in July.

But Bennett Zier, chief of team owner Daniel Snyder's Red Zebra Broadcasting media firm, has been tight-lipped since taking the helm in January.

Radio consultants said market and engineering research, followed by format and on-air talent decisions, usually take three to six months. So when exactly will Redskins Radio be on the air, in what format and with whose voices?

All those decisions will be made before training camp and an exact start date will be announced within 30 days, Mr. Zier said yesterday.

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Im just curious, what would they talk about on Redskins Radio? how much can there possibly be to say? i bet alot of it would be reruns... i hope im wrong but i get this feeling that there isnt enough to say

I don't thik it's going to be 24/7/365 Redskins talk. Per another thread http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151840, he wrestled the ESPN Radio rights away from WTEM. Apparently, the Washington area will have two all-sports radio networks.

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Yeah, it wouldn't be 24-7 Redskins. They will proably just have an hour long Redskins show once a week and broadcast the games with pre and post game stuff. :cheers:

I would hope there would be atleast 1 hour of Skins only talk per day. I don't care if it gets redundant.

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I live in Chesapeake we get all the redskins games on the radio but as soon as it is over they switch to reg programing

will this new station be able to be heard here

they say we are redskins country but we dont even get nothing about the team unless its on comcast at 6:30 thats why I am so glad I found my way to this board

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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