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Hello all...I am going to be graduating from USC on May 5, and will be heading home to the DC/VA/MD area. I am looking to work for a sports franchise, and at this point it is pretty much in any capacity so that I can work my way up...it doesn’t have to necessarily be with the Redskins, but eventually that would be the ideal organization. I am double majoring in Management and Marketing, with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising...A FULL LOAD THAT HOPEFULLY WILL PAY OFF!

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as far as going about entering this market. I have a 3.3 GPA (3.5 in related course work) and prior experience in sales and marketing. I am seeking a position in marketing, advertising, or sales...but am pretty much open to any entry level position so I can work myself up from within. I emailed the career address that is offered on the Redskins website with my resume', but that was only yesterday so of course I have not yet heard back.

I have an incredible work ethic, a great deal of experience, and numerous points of contact that can verify my ethics and tenacity for success. If anyone would like to see my resume', I would love to send it via email. Let me know if any of you have any information or recommendations for a soon to be college graduate. Thank you all for your time, and...


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