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Are defensive celebrations next?


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Now the NFL has addressed the touchdown celebrations, I have to wonder if the defensive celebrations are next.

I have been waiting for something to happen now that it seems that every tackle now seems to justify a defensive player to act like he has made a game saving play.

Look, when a tackle is made for a ten yard loss, or a sack is made, it justifies the defensive players excitement, and I understand the dance, and his need to celebrate. What I don't understand, is when a tackle is made after a big run or pass, and just because a good hit was made, we still see a dance. Years ago it was a slap in the defenses face to have a man pick up good yardage on a play, regardless of how well you tackled him.

I really don't want to see the NFL do anything about defensive celebrations, I just have to wonder if they should monitor this themselves. Keep it to a minimum. Don't let the NFL have to step in and do anything. I think sometimes these new players forget this is a team sport, it isn't all about the individual. It's entertainment, and moderation is fine, just keep it to plays that deserve it.

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This is why they should monitor it themselves. Don't let the NFL get involved with it. The coaches have the authority to tell these guys to quit acting like they have just saved the game, by simply putting a good hit on a runner.

If the coaches got involved with the offensive players before the NFL did, there wouldn't be a new rule would there? Quit treating these men with kid gloves, and smack them in the back of the head when they deserve it.

This is a TEAM sport, start acting like it, and the NFL wouldn't have to step in with these ridiculous rules.

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