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Tom Delay to drop out of running for reelection- According to MSNBC (Merged)


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MSNBC: DeLay won't run again

Chris Matthews reporting former House majority leader won't seek return



Updated: 10:32 p.m. ET April 3, 2006

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is reporting that Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader, won't seek re-election and will announce his withdrawal from his congressional race on Tuesday.

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Reminds me of the Newt situation in 1998

Funny thing is, in the Republican party someone always steps up

Can't be said about Democrats for a generation now

Steps up to what? The modern GOP leadership SOLD OUT. The GOP hasn't had leaders worth mentioning since Newt and Dole. The current crop has turned the contract with america into the contracts paid for by america.

You are right about the democrats though.

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