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Short Shuttle Times... is this more important


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I was wondering what you guys thought about the short shuttle. Is this something that is more important for Lbs or Cbs ? I know Roger Mcintosh was timed at a 4.20 and this seems to be very good for a big Lber.

What are some good short shuttle times for Cbs & Lbs in this yrs draft ?

I do think we should go Cb, Lb, or De/Lb w/ our 1st pick in the draft and I know that whoever we draft will be put through alot of learning early on and more than likely won't be able to start right away. I think w/ Dale Lindsey and G.W. coaching up the Lbs and w/ us losing Lavar and, Holdman being invisible on the field we should go after Rocky Mcintosh.

Any Miami Cane fans know what this guy can do?

For some reason I feel like Gibbs & staff will go w/ the best defensive player available at that time but if anybody can coach the Lb position and make an avg Lb GOOD, its G.W. and Dale Lindsey.

Come on Gibbs we need another "U" guy and it doesn't look like Sinorice Moss will be available so lets go w/ Rocky!

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