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40 oz. of choice?


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Back in the day (HS) I used to get Crazy Horse. Do they even make it anymore? It tasted like ass, but it knocked you on your ass too. :D

Last time I drank a 40 though was sometime in college... I think it was Old Milwaukee or something.... which is actually not a bad beer. Malt Liquor was kind of a HS thing I guess.

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just wait til your freshman year of college. youll have your fair share of 40s then. but it will most likely be the worst tasting beer you can ever imagine. atleast thats how it was with me. god i hate milwaulkees best. :puke:

It already is my freshmen year of college. I'm at Salisbury University. I've had plenty of Beast, just never in 40 oz.

2 40s + duck tape = fun

(edward 40 hands)

These generally seem to end poorly. :laugh:


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man stay away from the 40oz. its horrible. i used to always drink 40's, but soon you realize its not just about getting drunk, but also the taste. and 40's are just plain nasty. there a time for everyone to graduate. its goes something like this. start of with 40's, then you get the cheap american beer like natty light. then you upgrade to coors/miller/bud. then you realize that they are also nasty compared to the imported beer such as hieneken, corona, stella artois and guinness. then after this stage, you can never go back to the 40's and natty.

but yeah, when i did drink 40's, hurricane was my choice.

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