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I'm Playing Judas in a Palm Sunday Program (Updated)


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Greetings, all! Since some recent posts have alluded to the fact that, since there's no Redskins football, Sunday's are boring, I have something for you. My church, Alfred Street Baptist Church, in Alexandria, Virginia, is hosting a Palm Sunday Program called "The Man Who Would Be King." It takes place Sunday, April 9, at 6:00 p.m. The church is located at 301 S. Alfred Street in Old Town Alexandria. It's on the corner of Duke and Alfred Streets.

The program will combine the talents of members of the church's eight choirs, and the liturgical dance and drama ministries. Yours truly will be playing the role of Judas in the dramatic portion. It's really a GREAT program and I'd love to invite all of you if you can come.

Thanks for your time!

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Wow, that sounds like a really interesting service. Unfortunately, my g/f is flying in on Sunday evening, so I can't make it. Does your church normally have these types of programs, or is this just a once in a while type thing for special religious holidays? What is your normal service like? The g/f and I are looking for a permanent church (we can't seem to find one that fits us well), so perhaps I'll have a look next weekend.

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