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Jack Black and Nickelodeon


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When is Jack Black going to "jump the shark". Or has he already? I like to watch Nick at Nite for Rosanne and the Cosby Show. Apparently he is hosting the "Nick Awards", and has arguably the most annoying commercial for the award ceremony ever known to man. Has anybody seen it? It's 3 versions of him; One is pretending to play the drums and doing voice sounds, one is playing the "air guitar" doing voice sounds, and last but not least, his annoying voice singing about nonsense. Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds this commercial ridiculously annoying. Please. :doh: Why won't he just go away?

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yea i found it real annoying, plus this commercial for nick came on when i was watchin comedy central

yeh same thing happened to me when i was watching comedy central

if someone watches comdedy central i think theyre out of the nickalodean stage of their life

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yeah nick used to have awesome shows (what would you do, pete and pete, wonder years etc)

But i havent watched it in a while now.

As for Jack Black, i think he is an amazing person. I (usually) love his movies and i LOVE tenacious D.

If he's jumped the shark moive-wise, fine, but hopefully they can put out some new music soon

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