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All the cool live albums talk got me to wondering if you guys have ever gotten together for an offseason jam.

Meet in VA, say. Rent a bar or something similar - something with some soul, not a Holiday Inn conference room. We'd let a member in the area handle that. After conferring, of course.

Folks travel in, get a room for the night, party and have all star jams in Skins jerseys til the wee hours.

You could work out who brings what rig wise. Don't need everyone showing up with the whole enchilada, but gotta have enough to be heard over those ******* drummers ;)

Bar would have to have a PA, of course. That shouldn't be a problem.

Part of the deal with the bar is all beverages are purchased from them.

Should be close to a hotel.

No politics allowed. Just music and Redskins.

Going out for a while - discuss amongst yourselves.

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I am a percussionist. Hand drums. Congas, Bongos, Djembe, etc....

I don't Jam with anyone, I can't find anyone to Jam with.

I usually play to recorded stuff. But I love to play. I have played out a couple times, even got paid once :laugh: .

It is alot harder for me to find people that play acoustic and have a decent voice. Most of my friends are already in bands, or they play music that really doesn't need congas.

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