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Average U.S. Household Owns 26 Consumer Electronics Products


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According to a new study by the Arlington-based Consumer Electronics Association, the average U.S. household now owns 26 consumer electronics products and has spent $1,200 on products such as MP3 players, digital cameras and notebook computers over the past year.

The top five most owned products identified were televisions (in 95% of households), VCRs (87%), cordless phones (85%), DVD players (81%) and wireless phones (78%).

Satellite radio ownership reached 10% of households.


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We have a little more than the average, but I thought we'd have a LOT more given that we're a gadget friendly environment.

After all, the survey said that only 75% of homes have a PC or notebook. We have five in our house, and that's just the ones that work. :)

But we only have three TVs, so maybe my HDTV purchase decision shouldn't be LCD, Plasma or DLP, but ALL three. :D

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