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1. Patriots 2-0 Beaming with confidence after rout of Jets.

2. Dolphins 2-0 Ten touchdowns in two games. Don't lose that number.

3. Broncos 2-0 Kick off season with wins over Rams and 49ers.

4. Saints 2-0 More speed on both sides of ball than 2001 version.

5. Bears 2-0 Dick Jauron's team escapes Georgia Dome with win.

6. Chargers 2-0 Didn't let pesky Texans get off to 2-0 start.

7. Carolina 2-0 Simply put, they've doubled their '02 win total.

8. Redskins 1-0 Awaiting Monday night visit from Eagles.

9. Raiders 1-0 In the Steel City for primetime showdown.

10. Falcons 0-2 Heartbroken Falcons have dropped a pair of squekers.


Wow! TJ shows the love... where are the Eagles?

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Originally posted by Brave

Have the Raiduhs abandoned the running game or what? At least they did agaisnt the Steelers.

Last night: 17 rushes 65 passes

Good strategy though.....See they can't get you in the 2nd and 8 or 3rd and 7 if you continue to pass 7-10 yards a pass play. That team is designed not to let teams beat them rushing, but passing they are nothing but a team full of primadonas back there.

Good play calling......So far teams have shown the ability to stop the SB contenders RAMS and STEELERS both 0-2! :laugh:

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Just like the Pats showed how to beat the Rams by playing physical, the Pats also showed how to beat the Steelers, by throwing the ball all over the place.

Until the Steelers show they can stop the pass, everyone is going to try to light them up. Same for the Rams, until they show they can stand up to physical teams and the press coverages, everyone they play is gonna hit them in the mouth.

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These rankings are silly.

Carolina in the top 10 after beating the Lions and Ravens? Puh-lease!

The slightly above-average Bears are little different than the 0-2 Falcons who they beat yesterday by one point, and have yet to demonstrate they have a running game, which is critical to a team that plays traditional ball control/defensive football. Neither Atlanta nor Chicago deserve to be in the top 10.

Neither do we for that matter, unless we go 2-0 with a good showing tonight.

Likewise, the Chargers have beat nobody special while playing their weak schedule.

The Saints, however, are growing on me. Must be all of Haslett's late nights . . . ;)

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