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AM Radio Question?..I hear Chicago but not D.C.


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I'm in my Sappin Shed sappin.....and i'd like to listen to D.C. or even Baltimore talk radio.....but all i can get to come in CLEAR is Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philly AM channels


does anyone out there know why? :doh:

I live in Hillsboro, Md

near Easton and Denton

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I'm no rocket scientist, but I believe a.m. radio is a line of sight signal, so its more likely to bounce off the atmosphere/cloud cover than if you're trying to listen to f.m. stations.....thats what I think I remember reading.

Then again, I could be full of **** :)

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....are you sure you are in Hillsboro? :laugh:

let me get a few more beers in me.......we'll see

or it could be the farmer's chemicals they are using in the farms out here....i do feel light headed!!!

during one of the Monday Night Football games last year I was listening to the Indy Colts Am station broadcast - maybe i'm i'm in a worm hole or something

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