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Who is tired of the Brunnell threads??


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I am a supporter of Brunnell because of 1 main reason. Skins didn't go to the playoffs since 99 until he lead us there. Now, was his age a factor in the end of the year? Maybe. But remember this, we were 5-6, and had to win the last 5 games to even have a chance at the playoffs, and we won them, Ramsey didn't play all 5 games, MB did, so if you are a true skins fan, you wouldn't be bashing him.

So, let the coaches be the coaches, get over your arrogant selves, and give players the respect they deserve. Every day there is a new thread on here bashing Brunnell, NO ONE knows right now how he will be able to play this coming season.

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I am tired of all quarterback threads. Brunell was the best choice Gibbs had. Brunell, although aging,and battered, is a very hard core athlete, who stood in there and played most of all the games. He is also a gifted athlete who is inteligent and knows the offensive game plans he is given to learn..

His age and worn body did take its toll on him at the end of the season, but he was still the best man for the job at the time. He took a lot of grief from his own fans, and the press, yet took this team to two playoff games..

He has his work cut out for him this season, and must get into the best shape of his life to remain the starter in my opinion. If his performance slips early, the pressure will be on to bring out the hook, and let the young man start his new career. I think he will have his best year, and retire a Redskin. Hopefully a Superbowl champion.

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At this moment, I'd take Brunell over Statue of Bledsoe and Eli "Inconsistent" Manning. I Only think Donovan "Chunky Soup" McNaab is a better choice for the '06 season. and thank god for the new rule of you not being able to hit a quarterback below his knees. We could've used that last year against those damn midgets, I mean giants :)

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