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When Ramsey gets in ....


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When Ramsey get in for the preseason what will you do , BOO or cheer ?

I feel even though everyone knows he wasn't the right guy for us , he was a good sport the whole time.

I personally will cheer and hope he does well in New York

Especially since with him having to go through the same thing he went through in Washington all over again ....

( Jets having Pennington , and probably drafting Leinhart )

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I cheer him, like I'll cheer for Smoot....and in the past, we've cheered Stephen Davis.

Ramsey did nothing but be a good teammate all last year when he got a raw deal.

I won't boo him but I'm going to have to disagree with part of your post. Ramsey and Smoot aren't on the same level as Stephen Davis, especially Smoot. Smoot left for a very small difference in money, Ramsey just didn't fit here and needed a fresh start. Davis, on the other hand, was one of the toughest, grittiest and most exemplary Redskins we've had in a long time and he was chased out by an IDIOT of a coach who knew nothing about the NFL and only cared to try his "system" at that level. Spurrier didn't even care about the health of his players as was made obvious by the fact that he made no effort to protect PR, just kept calling pass plays to get him killed. Spurrier was a ****ing disgrace, disrespected the spirit of the game, showed no concern for the well being of his players, didn't work half as hard as his contemporaries and thank God he's gone. Personally, I hope he never wins another game as a football coach. I'll never forgive him for running out Davis like that, Stephen was a true Redskin. **** Spurrier.

Sorry for ranting, as you might have noticed, I've got some strong feelings in relation to the Ol Ball *****.

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i'll cheer for him...but i wont cheer for smoot.

i hope he notices that he was only good in washington and will only be good in washington...and that minnesota isnt the right place for him...and until he comes back i will boo him. besides, last year he was horrible.

ramsey never complained once last year and that is why i'll cheer for him.

cant wait for him to get picked off by sean taylor :laugh: :jetssuck:

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