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Newest Addition to the ES staff -- Jumbo


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some of the user #'s don't jive :whoknows:

like die hard, you're 2, but joined first.

aRedskin is 14, but he joined 3rd.....just curious if there's a reason??

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I don't know how long they do this, and I can't respond to all, but I really appreciate the good thoughts, and take the dire warnings to heart ;) .

Hey Jumbo congratulations but I still agree with AJ on the Ramsey issue!!!

No sweat, sven :) , thank you.

It's rarely just about agreement vs. disagreement with me.

I love diversity and autonomy. I advocate reason and open communication.

Sanity is optional, but recommended.

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Hey Jumbo, good to have you on board as they say. This is a great place, community and fanship. We need all the help we can get to take the garbage out. If you know what I mean?

My name is Buzz if you couldn't tell by my screen name. I was born and raised in Washington DC and moved to Virginia. So the Redskins were a part of my life from the time I was born, and my family holds season tickets since the 1950's.

Good luck with your new position here at Extremeskins. HTTR.

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Since it's April 1st, if someone hacks your account & re-names you Dumbo, it wasn't me. :D :paranoid: :movefast:

I know where innocence lies amongst the staff; I've been reading....

...it lies elsewhere :laugh:

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