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Hamas government approved, vows to fight Israel


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I see no reason not to start bombing


By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA (Reuters) - A Hamas-dominated Palestinian parliament approved the Islamic militant group's cabinet and program on Tuesday, clearing the way for it to take control of the government two months after its shock election victory.

Chanting "God is Greatest" after the 71-to-36 vote, Hamas lawmakers hugged and kissed Ismail Haniyeh, their teary-eyed prime minister-designate who vowed to not to abandon the fight against Israel.

"The Koran is our constitution, Jihad is our way, and death for the sake of God is our highest aspiration," Hamas lawmaker Hamed Bitawi said.

Tuesday's comments stood in contrast to a more conciliatory speech by Haniyeh on Monday in which he stressed the new government's push for peace and dialogue. The earlier speech drew fire from some lawmakers for not stressing resistance.

The vote of confidence came on the day Israel held a general election that interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was expected to win on a platform of imposing Israel's final borders with the Palestinians if peacemaking remains stalled.

The new cabinet, dominated by Hamas loyalists, was expected to be sworn in on Wednesday by President Mahmoud Abbas, whose long-dominant Fatah faction refused to join the new government.

Hamas, committed by its charter to Israel's destruction, inherits an aid-dependent Palestinian Authority that is on the brink of financial collapse.

A threatened cut in Western aid could make it more difficult for Hamas to pay the salaries of an estimated 140,000 Palestinian Authority workers, including security personnel. Aid groups say a funding crisis could lead to chaos and violence.

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Bush wanted democracy in the middle east. Be careful what you ask for.

The Palestinian people might regret what they asked for,you embrace the total destruction of your nieghbor and they might just return the favor...in spades :2cents:

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The Palestinian people might regret what they asked for,you embrace the total destruction of your nieghbor and they might just return the favor...in spades :2cents:

At least now it can be a real war without the ****footing around and 'restraint' that we'd never show Nazi Germany, Communist Cambodia or any other regime obsessed with genocide.

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We seem to be tolerating genocide in Africa.

You know why, right?

Muslims on blacks (be they Christian or Muslim, as it is recently.)

That's fine and dandy.

Let a Jew cut someone off on the freeway and there's a million resolutions and condemnations of Israel.

"We" aren't tolerating it. We have spoken out against it, we were involved with talks to end the genocide that took place in southern Sudan and supplied the rebels with communications equipment (Under Clinton, big ups to him for that move.)

World politics outside of the G-8 and EU is dominated (well even in EU to an extent) by anti-Western grandstanding. The countries that continue to embrace corruption, genocide, tribalism and statism in all its forms still harangue their former colonial lords AND current Western powers while they do nothing but dig the graves of their people and nations.

Toss in some Pan-Arab/Muslim boosterism and willful ignorance or tacit approval of Sudan and other horrid acts sanctioned by government becomes the order of the day.

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If they keep this up ,the Israeli's are gonna spank that ass. ;)


DEBKAfile Exclusive: The first missiles and rocket of Iranian manufacture in Palestinian hands struck targets in Ashkelon Tuesday morning

March 28, 2006, 8:41 PM (GMT+02:00)

Two missiles and a 122mm Katyusha rocket struck the military installation at the Ashkelon oil port and terminal of the Ashkelon-Eilat pipeline, causing damage but no casualties. DEBKAfile’s military sources report the weapons were smuggled into the Gaza Strip through Egyptian Sinai following Israel’s pullout from the territory last year. Israel’s security authorities kept the attack under close wraps in the course of the day’s polling for the Knesset.

It was the second time the Palestinians hit a strategic target near Ashkelon after a missile damaged the big power station compound last month.

January 3, 2006, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources revealed that a shipment of Grad missiles supplied by Iran had been secreted into the Gaza Strip through Sinai to substantially upgrade the Palestinian terrorist armory. Their range is 30 km, three times that of the homemade Qassams. It enables them to hit the big Israeli port of Ashdod north of Ashkelon and Kiryat Gath in southern Israel.

The new hardware was delivered to the Fatah-al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

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I'm wondering if you can think of 5 things that you really like about the United States.

Maybe you should make a list and put them in your sig even.

California National Forests

Washington DC 's Historical Sites

People-watching during lunch-hour downtown

The Constitution

Bill of Rights.

That was easy....

Now how about you name five things about the Presidents platform that you DON'T agree with. ;)

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