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Does anyone know where I can find a good Biography of Daniel Snyder?


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I was bored and wanted to find out where he went to school and what his story was, but Wiki only had information pertaining to his Redskin's dealing, and not about his college life and how he made his money. I just think it would be an interesting read, so does anyone know where he went to college or where to find a good biography of Dan Snyder?

I hope this is a good first post, I lurk a lot, but this is my first topic created.

GO SKINS! GO TERPS (I am a sophomore at the University of Maryland). :dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuck

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Snyder dropped out of UMD.

He had an idea(for a mag, I think) and got backing from some of the guys who were his intial investors in the Redskins. That business failed, but he kept at it and ended up building Snyder Communications into a powerhouse marketing firm that I believe represented both AT&T and MCI. He sold the company for 2 Billion a year or two after acquiring the Skins.

That's what I know off the top of my head.

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