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Monday Night Breakdown


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Okay, if you couldn't tell, I am an Eagles fan (DeviousDawkins-Brian Dawkins). Anyway, I'm not here to mess...I'll let the teams do that on the field. I'm here to get your opinions and insights and check out how our divisional rival fans are looking at things. So here's the breakdown as I see it:

Eagles run: The Eagles will have a hard time finding holes against the Redskin defense. Their linebackers are very effective at containing and the Eagles offensive line is already hurting.

Redskins run: Davis is a very dependable back. He may not get a ton of touches, but he should at least have limited success. Levon Kirkland will hold him at bay most of the game, but I think Davis will have one or two big runs to pull up the stats a little.

Eagles pass: Donovan is gonna have a helluva time against the solid secondary and Arrington. LaVar did a tremendous job last year on McNabb, and I think he'll have trouble again finding receivers downfield.

Redskins pass: Shane Matthews, meet the Eagles blitzing schemes. The Eagles secondary is the best in the NFL, and the fun 'n gun will have very limited success against a team whose defense is designed against the pass. The Eagles are gonna make Matthews uneasy, and he may throw a few INTs.

Coaching: Andy Reid has not lost two regular season games in a row since September of 2000. Steve Spurrier right now has not lost an NFL game, so there isn't much that can be said about him. Arizona was a breeze, but now he will be tested against a much tougher foe.

Intangibles: Quite simply, I think this game, like most Eagles games, lol, comes down to Donovan McNabb. If he is composed and spreads the field, the Eagles will find success. If he stays in the pocket and rushes his throws, it's gonna be a long night for the Eagles.

Prediction: Well, I truly believe that the Eagles lost week one because they let all the media and fan ravings get to them. All the talk about how this is the year Reid said that McNabb would have mastered the WCO, and the time is right, and yadda yadda. It got to their heads, and before you know it, they blew a 24-10 halftime lead. This game was circled on the players' calendars long before the season started. Look for the Eagles to stop dreaming about the glory and go out and earn it. Final score: Eagles 20, Redskins 13

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You are a very intelligent Iggles fan. A rare breed.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, all fears of Davis not getting enough carries have been put to rest. We've been told ever since SS arrived here that he adapts to whatever situation he's in, and with the Iggles smallish DTs coming to town, I'm confident he'll get SD the ball early and often.

It wouldn't come as a huge shock if he used the run to set up the play action pass in this game, and not vice-versa, as he's accustomed to.

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The Eagles d-line may be depleted...well it IS depleted, but last week the Eagles held Eddie George to 42 yards on 18 carries. Tennessee has a better offensive line than the Redskins IMO.

When I was saying that Davis may not get a ton of touches, I was talking about this week. Kirkland and Gardner combined for a very solid effort at MLB, and I don't think Davis will have a field day. Davis won't get as many touches because the Redskins won't have as much TOP. Last week they had the ball for 34:24. It'll be more like 28-32 minutes this time around. Davis won't carry the ball more than 25 times IMO.

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interesting Mad Mike...

Well, we certainly are in agreement that it'll be close, but I think this game has more meaning for the Eagles than it does for the Redskins. And as far as Spurrier goes, I think it plays to the Eagles strength. I mean you guys got Gardner, Lockett, Thompson, and Doering as your 4 top wideouts. Well our secondary shouldn't have a problem...Vincent and Taylor on Gardner and Lockett, Blaine Bishop, Brian Dawkins, Al Harris, Lito Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, Michael Lewis....the Eagles have the most depth in the secondary of anyone in the league, so anything Spurrier has will have to come on the ground...and I think the Eagles have that locked up for now. Our MLBs are playing fantastic, and I just can't see Spurrier's fun 'n gun rip the Eagles apart. Even unbiased, I don't see Matthews throwing 300+ yards and 3 TDs or anything. And the Eagles linebackers are great coverage personnel, so Davis will have a tough time on screens. But things could open up, because Carlos Emmons, deemed by many the best or one of the best SAM LB in the league, isn't at 100%. He said today that he could run but he didn't feel like he could make an explosive play yet...Ike Reese will start if Emmons can't go, so that could give Spurrier something to work with...

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If the game comes down to McNabb, I hope he doesn't get sacked 6 or 7 times (3 by a 7th round rookie against an all-pro). The Eagles oline may be in worse shape personnel-wise than last week (if Runyan doesn't play). We have shut down McNabb under far more difficult circumstances, I don't see it being a big problem this week. If McNabb is where the game hinges...

Redskins 21

Eagles 10

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I wouldn't assume that this game has more meaning for the Eagles than the Skins. The Redskins have been hearing a lot of crap about how they aren't that good. They have a chip on their sholders and something to prove. The added incentive to go up two games against the Eagles will provide plenty of motivation as well.

As for your depth in the secondary I think we can match you man for man with our receiver corps. Our secondary ain't too shaby ether. Think your third DB is better than Darrel Green? The Key to this game is going to be our LBs vs McNabb. If we can keep him in the pocket our DBs can smother your wideouts.

In the end I give the intangibles to Spurrier. The man is a winner. :pint:

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DD says:

the Eagles have the most depth in the secondary of anyone in the league, so anything Spurrier has will have to come on the ground...and I think the Eagles have that locked up for now.

With all due respect, that is a blanket statement if I ever heard one. So, you have the pass locked up and also have the ground game locked up? I just don't understand how you could have lost last week then? Your team can't be quite as good as you think.

And let me respectfully remind you that you LOST to the Arizona Cardinals last year, something we did not do. You still must play the Cardinals this year, so I would not just assume they are an a "breeze", especially if my team is a little "Snake bit", know what I mean?

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Good Post... for an Eagles fan...... ;) Obviously there will be disagreement, ( Gee PCS... ya think?), but a reasonable post never the less. Now... about that disagreement. :D

Davis described as dependable is an understatement.

Levon Kirkland had one tackle last week I think... (yes, I know the stats thing). Point being is that reports out of Philly had Reid deciding on whether or not to start his backup Gardner this week instead, as a possible result of his performance this past week. (had to watch films first). Turns out Kirkland has been named starter, but there was a process to make that decision. Not sure this says alot for either of the 2. So I don't think that is the area the Skins will have trouble at when running against Philly. (Davis reported hamstring on the other hand). Keeping in mind too that Emmons is doubtful for this Monday night. Had 2 tackles last week. The dline is still banged up as well.

As for the blitzing. There is alot of talk of this. Not just from the Eagles, but any team the Skins will face this year. There appears to be a memory lapse in the NFL about the S.S. offense. After reading several articles by S.S. himself and one of his staff. And after listening to him discuss his offense,( it's fair to conclude that his offense, not just some plays, but his offense is designed to beat blitzing defenses. (among other things...like cover 2) The receivers routes, the Q.B.'s 3-5 step drop, and down to the line blocking all designed for blitzing defenses. Something to keep in mind. Redskins 24- Eagles 13 (Mcnabb held in check is the deciding factor, along with S.S. .


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I don't think I have read any game analysis either pro-Eagles or pro-Redskins that has addressed the homefield factor.

Home teams on Monday Night win almost 70% of the time, and I am sure there have been a lot of underdogs that have counted in those numbers.

Here it is a division game with a team of about equal talent. I don't see this game as a shoo-in for the Eagles, regardless of how much was giained or lost in terms of motivation from last week.

The Redskins aren't given any credit for beating Arizona, but that is exactly what good teams are supposed to do, beat teams that don't have as much talent :)

I may disagree with you a bit on the perception of where the various teams are right now, but I think the Redskins are a better team than Tennessee, especially on defense.

And with his recent history of injury problems and heavy duty at age 29, Eddie George is not the back he was 2 or 3 years ago. It may very well be that Stephen Davis is a better back right now.

I don't think the Eagles front seven is going to hold him to 42 yards.

I do agree the Eagles will make Matthews move around quite a bit to buy time with their pressure, the key will be if Shane is willing to make the correct decision and throw the ball away when everyone is covered or whether he is going to try and throw into coverages and produce turnovers.

If Matthews stays away from turning the ball over, I don't think the Eagles have enough weapons to march the ball consistently on the Redskins defense.

And with a decent kickoff man in place this week the Eagles won't be starting each drive at midfield as Arizona was doing :)

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Well, its like I said before:

The Eagles secondary last week gave up a lot of yardage with the pass (granted, this was w/o Vincent, but still ... even with a an 85-90% healthy Vincent, I don't think the secondary is going to improve on giving up less yardage)

The fact is the Eagles gave up 267 yds. to a Steve McNair-led (who I still say is one of the more underrated QBs in the NFL) Titans team. The Titans in turn, gave up 181 yds. in the air, with a clearly weakened secondary (Rolle wasn't 100% by any means).

On the other hand you have the Redskins who gave up 187 yds through the air, but poured on a mind-numbingly 320 yds to Arizona (who by the way STILL didn't give up the most yds in the air last week. That job was left to the Kansas City Chiefs, who gave up a staggering 352 yds to the Cleveland Browns).

What does this mean? Simply this: I don't know how ANYONE in this world who thinks that this Eagles offense is going to move the ball any easier on a defense that is a lot better than Tennessee's defense. (Total defensive stats state that we're 5th, Tennessee's is 6th; Phily's is 16th). On top of that, their starting MLB was benched for ineffective play, and is being threatened of being benched again. They have a swiss cheese defensive line, and a cornerback who isn't completely 100% from a knee injury.

So the question here is: How are the Eagles going to move the ball on a defense that is ranked higher than their week 1 opponent?

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The Eagles fan is right about one thing: ror them, this game all comes down to McNobody. But isn't that true of all their games?

There's no one else on their roster who can win the game for them. We all know the troubles the Skins have containing him (or any mobile QB), so Lavar has his work cut out for him.

To me, the keys for the Skins are pretty clear: establish Davis early and often, and don't lose the game on special teams (esp. the kicking game).

For the Eagles, it's to find ways for McNobody to make plays against a pretty solid Skins secondary.

This is gonna be fun.

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Welcome, Devious, and thanks for stopping by. A well mannered and intelligent opposing fan is a rare treat on this board.

I agree with most of your points, but this one was hard to swallow:

Originally posted by DeviousDawkins

And the Eagles linebackers are great coverage personnel \

Haven't you noticed that Trotter isn't wearing green any more? When did Kirkland become great in coverage?

And this, I think, will be your problem Monday night. If you play nickle and dime you will have a problem stopping Davis. And if you leave your linebackers in you will have trouble stopping the passing attack.

IMHO, the biggest advantage the Eagles have is Akers. I don't know if our kicker has ever kicked a regulation FG. If it turns into a low scoring defensive game of field position, we'll get stomped. Having Akers as your kicker is like spotting you ten yards on every possession.

So to win, we'll have to score TD's. I don't expect we'll complete many long passes against your secondary, so we'll have to do it with ball control.

On the flip side, we'll have to control McNabb and prevent big plays. I don't think your running game will do much and McNabb doesn't have the accuracy to dink and dunk his way for consistent long drives. Our defense has had a problem with discipline of late and has given up too many big plays. We'll have to cure that to beat you.

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