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My Mom just died....


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Today at about 2 PM. my mother passed away

Two weeks ago today she went to have knee surgery but in the weeks before she did she had lost a lot of weight, to which we had no idea why

It turns out that she has lung cancer in her right lung and also she developed pneumonia too. She had been on a respirator for 10 days in ICU, but there was little left they could do, as she wasn't able to breath on her own, so yesterday we took her off because since she had been a nurse, we knew she wouldn't want to go on that way.

As many of you know, my Dad passed away last year on Feburary 1st. Mom had been depressed about that, so I guess we can all take some comfort in the fact that they are together now


i just found out from my older brother that today was my parents wedding anniversary

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