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Eckel suggests Banner for Commish!

Big Weirdo

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Tomorrow, as the owners convene in Orlando, Fla., for their annual meetings the search to replace Paul Tagliabue begins. Here's a thought for those in charge of the committee -- look no further than the president's office at the NovaCare Complex.

You might have to look hard, because there's a small man in that big chair. But in this case, size shouldn't matter.

Eagles president Joe Banner, who has not always drawn praise from this space, would be a darn good choice to take over for Tagliabue.

Before you choke on your breakfast, and I was told that when Banner was informed of this column he nearly fell off that big chair in that big office, think about it.

Some of the things you don't like about Banner, and some of the things he and I have debated (yeah, that's a nice way of saying it), is what would make him perfect for the job.

The guy certainly is bright enough; even the people who dislike him the most can't argue that. He knows the league from top to bottom. He will not be outworked by anyone and his knowledge of the game has increased tremendously over the years.

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Joe Banner as commish? I can see it now...

Every team in the NFL will be required to sit on and not use $15 mil. of cap space every season.

Every player over the age of 30 will be banned from the league.

Every player on every team in the league will be forced to wear new and revised jerseys, that have an added feature in which the neck of the jersey tightens up in big game situations.

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