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Yes * Archuleta Missing from Workout since MON, 27 MAR


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Is Archuleta missing from this 2006 offseason workout since Monday 27 MAR? whoknows.gif

Yes, he is.

This is a BAD news for team's chemistry and team's unity. As a new player who just signed a $31.8M contract, AA MUST show up and introduce himself to all other Redskins team mates.

AA got paid much more than STaylor, almost double the money if I am not mistaken.

Gibbs and GWilliams should put their foot down on this AA guy.

Check this:

Larry Michael said on his WED, 29 MAR 2006 audio show that he has not seen Archuleta participating on this 2006 offseason workout at all, although AA is expected to attend.


Sean Taylor was one of the first to check in with coaches and trainers on Monday morning.

New Redskins Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Lloyd and Andre Carter were also seen at Redskins Park on Monday.

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No No No No No...Read it more carefully. It just says these players were seen at Redskins Park. Just because the writer did not see Adam Archuleta does not mean he was not there.

So, if the writer sees him there sometime today, do you think he'll do an edit to appease the masses on Extremeskins? :)

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The writer does not want to start a precedent in which he has to conduct a daily attendance report for voluntary off-season workouts that run into May. The names of players in the article were just who the writer saw on the first day, which is perhaps a more newsworthy day than others.

I think you will see reports later today that there was a 98% team participation rate in the first day of off-season workouts.

Also, it's worth nothing that some players were at the Park working out at 6 a.m. and were gone by the time the writer had arrived at 9:30 a.m. Slacker! :)

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