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Nationals TV Fight May Head to Capitol Hill


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WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress could step in if a television dispute keeping the Washington Nationals off local cable isn't resolved.

Virginia Congressman Tom Davis says he will hold hearings on the matter unless cable giant Comcast agrees to broadcast more games.

The Nationals' season begins next week, and Comcast plans to air fewer than a quarter of their games.

The company has been in a bitter legal fight with the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, which is owned by Baltimore Orioles (website - news) owner Peter Angelos. MASN was awarded control of the Nationals' television rights as a way to win Angelos' support for moving the Nationals to Washington.

Comcast blames Angelos for the impasse, and MASN points the finger at Comcast.

Davis says there is plenty of blame to go around. He says Major League Baseball would also be held responsible to find a solution.


Normally I would agree with those that contend that Congress has better things to do. However, in Rep. Davis’ defense, I suppose he has received a lot of complaints from his constituents about this, which leaves him in a position to act. I’m a Comcast customer and am p*ssed about it and Tom is my congressman.

Now suppose you’re living in the DC area and you were only allowed to see 4 Redskin’s games…would you raise hell about it?


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