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Friends that look like "celebrities?"


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well, i havent seen my friends in a while. so we all met up in montreal. One of them showed up and i swear, he is kevin federlines (britneys husband) twin. we gave him so much **** for the corn rolls. he took em out....(couldnt handle the dissing) :laugh:

but yeah, before he could i got a picture of him. i think the fool looks just like him...check it out. told him that we could kid nap "k-fed" and replace him. britney wouldnt know the difference. well my friend is now reffered to as K-Fed. hahahahaha.

do your friends look like any celebs?

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so the next time we meet up, im gonna try to get some free stuff. people always cater to celebs, why not take advantage?

in canada, some people came up to us and actually asked if he was k-fed and if britney was in montreal. it was hilarious. it never occured to us at the time to take advantage of his striking resemblance.

anyone taken advantage of such look alikes. i saw a show on comedy central called "Con" and they got some dude that looked like brad pitt. ended up gettin alot of free food. so it should work.

o yeah, i forgot, people hate kfed. damn.

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I saw on a tv-magazine that K-Fed went clean cut, so you might want to tell your friend to back to the cornrows.

I don't have friends that look like celebs (though one is going to look JUST like Larry David when he gets older), but i've been told i look like Kelso.

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