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Best Warm Up Songs.!!! Help


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I personally like to get pumped up too some Metallica (sad but true), Disturbed (anything), Rammstein (Mein Herz Brennt) Gun N Roses (welcome to the jungle) and Motley Crue (Dr Feelgood). All of these songs get me pumped. As for rap, i like Planet Rock by Africa Bambata and Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

oyeah i forgot, my favorite song to get pumped up to is I WALK ALONE by Godsmack.

also check out Pain by Soulfly

Dragula - Rob Zombie

Black Betty -Ram Jam

Thunder Kiss 65 - White Zombie

Electric Head pt 1 - White Zombie

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C'mon...I love the Clash and good 'ol punk rock as well... but we're talking about a volleyball team...FOR WARMING UP!

Dave Mathews Band - Under the Table & Dreaming (live version atleast)...kinda mellow, but a solid tune. Maybe "What Would You Say?" would be better if you're looking for something to move around with.

Tower of Power - What is hip?

Outkast - hey ya!

Fun hip pop.

Propellerheads - History Repeating, Velvet Pants ...anything from their album, really, is a moderate tempo song with a good steady beat.

If you're looking for something just instrumental and just good for a nice tempo song, check out the propellerheads, and maybe even Blue Man Group stuff. If you want good up-tempo stuff, look no further thank good 'ol Funk. James Brown has some brilliant stuff that'll make you wanna get movin' no matter how bad you've got the caucasian fever.

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A lot of really cliche advice in this thread...

some good unconventional choices:

"The Grudge" Tool

"Eulogy" Tool

"Kashmir" Led Zepplin

"Guerrilla Radio" Rage Against the Machine

"No one knows" Queens of the Stone Age

"Lightning Song" Queens of the Stone Age

"The Outsider" A Perfect Circle

"Son Et Lumiere" followed directly by: "Inertiatic Esp" both by The Mars Volta

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alright....when i work out, these are my mp3s

chamillionaire- turn it up

bow wow- fresh azimiz

The NFL theme songs

Juelz Santana- Mr. Postman

Daddy Yankee- Rompe

LL Cool J- Control Myself (w/jlo)

Nelly- Grillz

****cat Dolls- Beep

Rihanna- SOS

Purple Ribbon Allstars- Kryptonite

All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret

So many more....but this is getting me hyped to go to the gym!

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