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Some video of Jason Campbell (SEC Championship game)


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His first half highlights.


Second half highlights.

Admittedly, I never caught Campbell in college, but from the looks of this game, he is scarily similar to a young Mark Brunell. He looks very comfortable in and out of the pocket, and doesn't get rattled by pressure. He doesn't have a gun for an arm, but he throws a very nice deep ball, and he puts excellent touch on the shorter and intermediate passes, unlike PR. I also noticed that he runs the play action about as well as seasoned vet -- that seems to be his bread and butter.

As for negatives, as already mentioned, he doesn't have a cannon for an arm. But the accuracy is defintely there. He's a good scrambler, but defintely no Vick or McNabb as far as shiftyness.

Overall, I defintely liked what I saw out of this kid. He seems like a very intelligent quarterback, doesn't force things, and looks very comfortable in the pocket. He also has great size. I know this was only one game where he played very well, but I don't think he played that much more differently in any other games style-wise.

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Do a search. This has been posted twice already. Once last week & then again once more yesterday. Those have been merged into one thread. If you want to add your thoughts on this, do so in the existing thread.

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