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How many Pro Bowl skins in 2006?


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I think that with the great recievers that we have ... .get this

Mark Brunell is going to the pro bowl... hopefully this year over the most overated QB of all time.. .mike vick

i think that is washington is going to be Great this year as we expect. brunnel is going ot have to lead us... thus a pro bowl birth

along with him...

Portis (backup again)




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With serious consideration... How many Pro Bowl players will we have in 2006?

I am going to have to say:

M. Washington (got took last year!)

S. Taylor (after he beats the rap!)

C. Portis

S. Moss (repeat!)

A. Carter (sleeper pick)

I will say 5.


Gotta add Cooley and Griffin. Maybe one of the corners and AA. :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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