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The Little Things That Make Life Worth Living


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Well I said I was too lazy to start it, but I changed my mind. I have to give MLSkins credit for the idea though.

Basically, it's the opposite of the pet peeve/things you hate threads. What are those simple pleasures that can stop and make you smile, even on the crappiest day?

Babies giggling. There's just something about that.

Getting a strike in bowling when you have no idea what you're doing.

Girls who have those amazing, satisfying, infectious, unbelievably pleasant laughs.

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Friends and Family (including my ES family)

The beach

Helping a dog find its forever home! Here is one of the success stories I helped create:

Princeton came to our family and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter boy. All he wants out of life is someone to cuddle with when he decides he is done playing. And this boy loves to play! His energy level is well beyond what we expected but we wouldn't have him any other way.

But one basset was not enough for this family. Princeton needed a four legged friend for those times when houndie things needed to be done that a two-legger just didn't understand. There were neighborhood dogs to bark at and trash cans to knock over that a small basset boy couldn't do on his own.

That's where Lady comes in. We watched the BROOD website for months looking for just the right girl for him. Lady (changed from Dee Dee) had had a very tough life before she was rescued. Like Princeton she was extremely thin. She had heartworms and was loaded with ticks. Her fosters took great care of her and got her healthy enough to come home with us.

Now Lady is putting on weight nicely and she is starting to learn a few commands. Her biggest accomplishment is relaxing when it comes to food. She use to take treats as if she thought we were going to take them away. She is now very gentle and waits her turn.

It took her about another month to get her energy up but she now keeps Princeton on his toes. They were definitely made for each other.

We are so happy with our two lovable hounds. We love them both and can't image life without them. Thank you BROOD (especially Sandy, Helen and Christie ) for helping us find them.

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Coming home to two dogs so unbelievably happy to see me that their body shakes.

A great massage.

Making a snow angel in the front yard after shoveling the driveway and sidewalks.

Beating my best time for a given distance on the rowing machine.

Rubbing/poking sore musscles.

The giddiness my wife has when she finds a random preasent I've hidden around the house for her to find.

Unexpected gifts or thoughtful deeds.

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Coming home to two dogs so unbelievably happy to see me that their body shakes.

No way I could top that I only have one dog. :D

5:00 on friday afternoon.

The first fishing trip of the season. I shake just like my dog!

Buying my first house.

Spending the time and effort to maintain a garden and eating your own produce. It's so much better than the produce at the store.

Having a customer leave happy, when you work in a tax office.

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The first nice day of spring when all the ladies that have been bundled up for the last 5 months realize they dont need nearly as much clothing.

Getting a beer "on the house."

Tivoing 24 and watching it without commercials.

When an episode of The Simpsons comes on that i havent seen before.

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going into the city and seeing beautiful young women everywhere you look :notworthy

listening to Rachmaninoff, Sibelius, Orff, Haydn, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky at the Kennedy Center

sunset over the marina in southwest DC

paddling in the Tidal Basin and seeing the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial

Skins, Canes or GDub Colonials winning a big game

going out to a nice restaurant

finishing a 10K race without stopping

getting a promotion at work

helping someone out

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The way my dog always notices that I've just woken up and comes to lick my face to say good morning or the way she howls like a mad dog when I get home from work until I greet her (and she goes CRAZY if I greet the family dogs first. Such a diva, that dog is).

The littlest thing involving the woman you love, a glance, a smile or a simple hug can make you melt if it's the right person (yeah, I know, I'm a big time softy but oh well, you are who you are).

The crisp taste in the air when you first walk outside after a fresh snowstorm.

A top down drive through the country in the spring time.

Waterfalls, hiking and nature in general.

A cold room and a warm blanket.

Edit: BTW, excellent thread idea. I think our society in general is much more enamored with the bad than the good and it's a shame.

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