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My girls, 7 and 8, come home from school yesterday with a letter alerting parents that a man has been offering kids ride. This was happening in another town. My wife just called to tell me a 5 year old boy was abducted 4 miles from my house yesterday. The description of the car was the same as the one in the letter. If you have kids, please take these alerts seriously. You just can't let your children out alone. I'm in strong favor of capital punishment in these cases. If you're sick enough to abduct a child, society has no use for you. A slow painful death is what you deserve.

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Ugh, that just gave me chills reading that. The thought of my little brother and sister (or any child for that matter) being abducted scares the hell out of me.

One of my exboyfriends was almost abducted when he was 8 years old. He was riding his skateboard home and a white van ulled up beside him, a guy jumped out and grabbed him and tried to pull him into the van. Somehow he managed to hold on to his skateboard and use that to beat the guy off. It was such a struggle getting him into the van, the guy threw him down and sped off.

I remember an episode of Oprah (yes Oprah) when they had a special on children being abducted. Just to show parents how vunerable little kids are, they had an old man sitting in a park telling kids he had lost his puppy and asking them for their help in finding it. Out of the tons of kids he approached, only 1 kid told him 'no' and that he wasn't allowed to talk to strangers, the rest of the children proceeded to help him look for the dog.

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That is wild about your ex, DKS. When I was around that age, my brother and I were walking home from swim lessons. It was about a mile walk. An old white van drives slowly by and the driver is staring us down. Then, about 50 yds. after he passes us, he makes a U-turn. My brother and I immediately run up to the house we're in front of and he drives away. Very scarey.

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Sadly, most kids are abducted by people they know.

But here are some good rules of thumb in today's day and age.

Instruct your children never answer the door when they are alone or to say that they are alone on the phone.

The children must not invite anyone to the house without express permission asked beforehand.

Children must not enter anyone's homes, cars or premises without permission of a parent or caretaker.

Child molesters and abductors usually look like everyday people. Tell your kids not to talk to adults they do not know.

Children must not accept gifts or candies from strangers before asking a parent or caretaker.

Frequently, abductors will befriend a child by asking for help. Some examples are: Asking to help find a lost pet; asking directions to someone's house; offering reward money for assistance; saying Mom or Dad have been hurt or need their help; acting like an undercover police officer (children should only approach uniformed police officers, and/or marked police cars).

Make sure that you tell your child to immediately inform you if a stranger is trying to be friendly with them or is constantly looking at them or following them.

Tell your children that no one should touch them at places which a bathing suit would cover. If anyone exposes private parts to the child, he/she must tell you, school authority or nearby policeman immediately.

Don't let your young child stay alone outside doing activities like bicycle ride or strolling in the park where you cannot keep an eye on him/her. Instruct them not to wander off, to avoid lonely places, and not to take shortcuts through alleys or deserted areas.

Teach your children their full names, your full name, address, and telephone number. Teach them how to reach either you or a trusted adult and how

to call for police assistance.

Always accompany your child on door-to-door activities such as Halloween,

school fund raising campaigns, etc.

Teach your children to scream, run away and tell you or a trusted adult if anyone attempts to touch or grab them.

Children should never approach a vehicle unless they are positively sure they know the occupants. Abductors lure children to walk near their vehicles and then pull them inside.

Don't leave your child unattended in a shopping mall or in a vehicle.

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This is a harsh topic but no one can afford to shy away from it. There are far more deviants/ sex offenders out there than you know, and even with recent efforts to keep tabs on them an awful lot just move and never report, effectively disappearing. When you start talking about pedophiles and rapists you have to understand that there is no rehabilitation. The recidivism (repeat offense) numbers are staggering and usually not publicly reported. Often the charges differ in a different locale and it isn't see as a repeat but as a different crime. Some places don't want to be seen as "soft" on sex offenders so they fudge the numbers or ship them elsewhere. I know it may sound like I am paranoid here, but it doesn't take long online to check and see the actual instances of this and the #'s involved.

Add this to your Favorites, check your area and share it with others. It's scary


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