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Soccer goalie gets owned


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Wait, shouldn't it not count. Wouldn't he be offsides???
I haven't read a rule book lately but off sides is when the ball is passed to a player behind the opposing defense. Thus since there was no pass, there can be no penalty.

If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. :)

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Any player can tell you all goalies are inherrently insane. And just being a goalie makes you some kind of stupid too..

And no it was not offsides, offsides is only for passes. Ronaldo did a similar thing back in the day, its legit.

What he said, technically aren't headers not counted as well (it's been awhile since i reffed)?

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the goal is perfectly legal, as the keeper is the one with the ball, he isnt offside cause he hasnt been passed the ball and that has been done similarly years ago when the keeper just had it in 1 hand (2 hans needed to "secure" the ball) and the attacker headed the ball outa his hand n scored

football wat a funny old game

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