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Desperate for vacation help


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I am desperate for vacation ideas!

Mrs. Buddha and my 8 and 5 year old sons are planning to take a week long trip in mid-April. We don't want to fly, which limits our distance to a 2 day drive tops. We would prefer a beach resort where the water is warm enough to get into this time of year, but want to have other attractions nearby. We don't want to do the Orlando thing (did that last year) and had considered Key West until we found out there aren't many good beaches there. At this point, we are open to considering landlocked options but a good resort/hotel is a must (no higher than $350 per night).


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Goodness man....350 a night!.....I could sell you a resort vacation through my timeshare for like 500 or 600 for the whole week......a couple years ago we went to Myrtle Beach in mid-march and it was like 55-60, mid-april would probably be pushing it but you never know.

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Why don't you want to fly?

Also, I'd ship the beach - you've got all summer for that.

Does your family like baseball? If so, drive down to Atlanta and catch a couple of games. Then drive down to Savanah - beautiful town. On the way back you could spend a couple days at Myrtle Beach if you're jonesing for some water.

But honestly, if you could, my advice would be to fly out to Arizona and check out the Grand Canyon - assuming you haven't already done that. It's something that - I think - every family should do at least once and spring is the perfect time for it - going to Arizona in the summer is like vacationing in an oven.

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