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Tra Thomas Chat Wrap


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Tra comes on for about 5 minutes then leaves. Almost all the questions are from Feacles fans worried about us...


Craig (DC): I'm lifelong Iggles fan living in DC. You guys can't let me down this week...I'll never hear the end of it. What has the mood been at practice this week?

Tra Thomas: Everyone and has been loose and we have been having a good time and working hard preparing for DC.


Marcus WA: Tra, what does an addtion of Mike Sinclair do for your defense? What about the team overall? Has he looked good in practice this week?

Tra Thomas: He is going to help us out a lot. He is a great pass rusher and brings some experience we need on the defensive line.


Fred (Middleton): Is it a little tougher to block for Donovan than other quarterbacks because he can be so mobile?

Tra Thomas: Not really. It actually helps. He is always trying to make something happen and that is good for us.


WOLF (NYC): Does Steve Spurrier annoy you like he does to the rest of America?

Tra Thomas: Nah, I respect him as a great offensive coach. I have seen what he can do so I have tremendous respect for him.


Black Cat: Tra.. today is Friday the 13th!! You supersticous?

Tra Thomas: No. Not at all. Just another day!


Steve (Cherry Hill): Does the new rule on where you have to lineup affect your game at all? Good luck on MNF

Tra Thomas: It hasn't effected me at all. You just have to be more mindful of where you are at at all times.


John B: Tra, when you face Bruce Smith(considered an undersized DE) on Monday Night. What tactics are you going to use to stop him from distrupting your passing/running game? And do you think Smith is still a force at DE?

Tra Thomas: Bruce is still a great pass rusher. I just have to trust my game. He is very slippery and such a veteran. He knows a lot of tricks and how to get the refs on his side. I have to be on top of my game.


Richard Robinson: Do you plan on attending the Maryland FSU game while you are here.

Tra Thomas: I thought about it but I am going to chill out and get ready for this Monday night game.. I'll watch it on TV.


Shawn(PA): Tra, heard you took the whole family to the Pro Bowl, must have set you back big time? Who's the nastiest person on the O-line, Runyan gets all the press but I think you all have a mean streak!

Tra Thomas: All of us have a mean streak. Runyan has helped bring it out in all of us!


Ed, England: Your game against the Redskins is on Monday night, but given a choice of Sunday afternoon, Sunday night or Monday night which time would you prefer to play your games

Tra Thomas: It doesn't make a difference to me.. but Monday nights are special because it's the only game and everyone is watching you.


Patrick (Atlanta): Tra, what has the team been working on this week in preperation for the Redskins game this Monday night?

Tra Thomas: We just have been working on execution. That is the main thing. Nothing in particular we just want to execute and keep our aggression up.

Hey guys.. they just called a team meeting .. I have to run. We'll try to do this again ... take care.

Moderator: Sorry guys.. when Coach calls a meeting, that's all she wrote. Our thanks to Tra for taking a few minutes out of his day.

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