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T.O. Rap Song


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Did anyone hear T.O.'s rap song on NFL Access? This deal was done a long time ago. Typical gangster stuff. Bustin' on the Eagles and haters about him getting the money that nobody thought he would. The Philly home game with them should be interesting. Then they had Drew Pearson on via telephone and he was completly disgusted with the Boy's signing such an idiot. The mutiny has started!

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My name is T-O

I am the G-O

I am no dancer

Just a team cancer

I destroyed the niners

then the iggles

now its time

to give the boys the niggles

Everyone thinks that the team is bigger

But to me that is just the trigger

to put forward my point

that I am the only player in the joint

So pass me the ball

but make it right

cos I got my money

and my fame

and I think I am the best

in this game

But really I am old and lame

getting jacked by skins 21

will be my fame

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