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F()%$ Yeah!


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Thanks for skipping me to a veteran. I appreciate that. I also appreciate you taking the initiative to let me know I've broken them.

:laugh: your welcome

but I was referring to when you joined (your member #)

edit.. I am sure that since 2003, you could have learned how to edit your posts, and not circumvent the profanity filter.. ;)

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I notice that by your member number you have much more time to spend at this website or even in the this thread for that matter. Maybe it's just the satisfaction of seeing it closed is why you're still here.

perhaps..... or maybe it is because it is late at night and I am bored...

edit (again).. or maybe I am just trying to help police the board a little bit.. whatever the case.. goodnight

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Compliance with the rules and guidelines is not optional, but a site requirement. Ignorance of the rules will not be considered a viable excuse for violations. As ExtremeSkins members, your first responsibility is to familiarize yourselves with the rules and abide by them.

6. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters.

Let the filters do their job. Veiled profanity is unacceptable. We allow the use of either all asterisks/symbols or not at all. For example "****" and "*&*%$" are acceptable, while "*****, “s**t” or “sh*t" are not.

8. Please use descriptive and accurate subject titles for your posts.

Adherence to this rule assists visitors in utilizing discretion when selecting content to read. It also serves to notify members if a particular topic has already been posted and discussed, and potentially prevents multiple threads being started on the same topic.

Be respectful of the fact that some people come to ExtremeSkins explicitly for latest Redskins news and content, provided without the editorializing of titles by members.

We have repeadely asked for the board to police itself & members to get with the program on understanding that. Enjoy your break. When you think you can get with the program, PM me. Until then, you can simply read the board.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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