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Diss Or Praise Yourself. (Merged)


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Started this thread to let people poke a little fun at themselves. Sometimes when you direct the venom inward, it can actually make you laugh, and you're not pissing anyone else off. Here are some of my more laughable posts...

L. Coles had to go and Im happy the Skins could get some value out of the deal, but there are plenty of questions around Santana Moss (esp. with that pretty new contract he's got). Say what you want about L. (and believe me, he let me down as much as the next fan) but that guy brought it when he came onto the field. He's one of the toughest wide recievers in the NFL and Im just not sure we're gonna get 16 games or the same toughness out of Moss.
And Sean Taylor? Well I really have nothing to say about Sean Taylor. Game-breaking safties are a nice luxury in the NFL, but not essential to an effective and efficient defense. Matt Bowen, Ryan Clark and Andre Lott will be fine thank you.
Its all up to the Lakers how fast they dispatch the Pistons, who have the best shot RIGHT NOW to beat them in a series. Best shot against the Lakers out of the East though is still not a very good one.

I'm still looking, but I know I've stuck my foot in my mouth more than this so there's more ridiculousness to come...

Anyone else?

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Patrick Ramsey, as with all QBs in the NFL, is the key player on this offense and must take a major step forward this season if the Skins are going to make a playoff push. Whether he still has that step in him to take I dont know, but his play certainly improved over the course of last season and so I am hopeful.
:laugh: :point2sky
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Sister thread to "Diss Yourself." This is for anyone who's proud of their "Cleo-like" prediction ability. Go...

I for one am relieved that Brunell is gonna be the one taking our team into a hostile environment Monday night. I think the questions about his arm strength are greatly over-hyped not to mention the fact that Ramsey couldnt come close to hitting anyone down the field in the preseason. Ramsey simply never got any better at getting off his first read and finding the open reciever and it has cost him in key situations time and time again. Even if you argue that Brunell cant make every throw, at least he makes the RIGHT throws. He simply looks more comfortable at the line and after the snap.
Clinton Portis must show the same kind of toughness this season that he showed last season. I was not dissapointed by his play as much as others last season. I think his decline in numbers were the result of an ill-fitting scheme and no threat of a passing game. Get him on the edge where he can pick his hole and keep 8 defenders out of the box with some passes over their heads and Portis will put up the numbers we need him to this season if he brings the same attitude and toughness this season.
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After losing to the Chargers it was pandemonium on these boards. People were even calling for Gibbs' head. Amidst the panic, I uttered the following:

Despite the long November losing streak, many fans still expect a strong finish from the 'skins. Given Coach Joe Gibbs' history of finishing strong, this is not an altogether unreasonable expectation. A look at his first tenure is reassuring. In 1981, the 'skins started 0-5 and went 8-3 down the stretch. They won the Super Bowl the following year. In 1984, the 'skins started 5-4, went 6-1 down the stretch, and won the division. In 1985, the 'skins started 5-5, went 5-1 down the stretch, and finished with a respectable 10-6 record. The 1989 season had the 'skins at 5-6, just as they are now. They then went 5-0 to finish the season 10-6. They won the Super Bowl two years later.

For those that would rather not make assumptions based on historical trends, history is not the only reason to expect a strong finish. This season's trends also give cause for such hope. The Redskins are an impressive 5-2 against conference opponents - including wins over division leaders Dallas, Seattle, and Chicago. Wouldn't you know, the team’s remaining schedule has them facing only conference opponents. The Redskins are 4-2 at home. Luckily, they'll get a shot at both of their division leaders, Dallas and New York, at home. The Redskins are 2-1 against division foes. You guessed it, they play three division games to finish the season.

Given these trends and the team's recent competitive play, there is a cautious optimism among many fans. Indeed, there is still hope that the team could make its first playoff appearance since 1999. Still, the realist admits a sweep of the remaining opponents is unlikely for a team that has been losing lately. The same realist admits that nothing less will end the Redskins' six year playoff drought. The optimists still has reason to hope and adopts a wait and see approach. I, of course, am an optimist.

I like to think that was pretty Cleo-like.

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If anybody asks, it wasn't me that said the following before our division playoff game in Seatlle:

I don't know if you put much stock in trends, but consider the following:

-The Redskins are 9-4 against the Seahawks all time.

-The Redskins have won 4 straight against the Seahawks.

-Gibbs is 5-0 all time against the Seahawks.

-Mike Holmgrem is 0-4 against the Redskins.

I know we're underdogs, but I kinda like our chances.

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This one worked out okay:

Something Wicked

This one, well ...

Camp Report, Wed. August 8 (2001)

Check the author’s takes on Todd Husak in particular. :doh:

General Player Impressions:

Todd Husak. I feel a lot better about our QB position today. When/if Jeff can't go, we'll be okay. I counted one (that's ONE) bad pass all day, both sessions. He doesn't thrown into traffic, takes the checkdown willingly, moves well, and always places the ball where his man can make the catch in stride and make a play, or at least protect it from the defender. All Todd needs, in this man's opinions, is time. He is accurate, quick, and can go deep when he has to. He has the chops.

- At least to my eye, Todd Husak looked sharp. He doesn't have a gun, but seems to manage the team & protect the ball well. He threw one away out bounds when nothing came open ... another time "scrambled" rather than throw into coverage. Hope his poise follows him onto the field when the bullets are for real. If it does ... he's gonna be okay.
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How can I look all the way back to my very first posts?

When I "search for all post by this user," it only gives me my last 160 or so...

The archives have about 500 of your posts, Jethro. Earliest one here:


The 100 or so prior to that, unfortunately, were lost during one of the early server upgrades. Everyone lost posts at that point, sadly.


Actually now that I think about it, we installed a hack a few months ago that limits ability to search some of the older archives. I suspect you're running up against that. I'll check to confirm.

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