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Falcons send pick to Denver to get Abraham from Jets


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In an unusual three-way trade, Jets defensive end John Abraham will land in Atlanta by way of Denver, according to Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com.

Per Glazer, the deal has been approved by the league, and it will become official once the Jets sign the paperwork.

To get the deal done, the Falcons sent the 15th overall pick in the draft to Denver, and Denver sent one of its first-round picks, the No. 29 selection, to Atlanta, along with a third-rounder this year and a fourth-rounder in 2007.

So the Falcons, who had resisted trading their first-round pick to the Jets straight up for Abraham, will send the No. 29 pick to the Jets and keep the three and the four.

The irony here is that the Broncos initially were linked to Abraham.

And left holding the bag, for the second time in two days, are the Seahawks. Seattle struck a deal with the Jets for a trade, but could not come to terms with Abraham on money.

Mechanically, Abraham will sign his franchise tender and then sign the long-term deal with the Jets. The contract won't have a signing bonus, but will instead carry an option bonus or a roster bonus (or both) due within a few days after the agreement is signed. So the Jets will suffer no cap hit and incur no cost, and will instead free up the $8.3 million in salary space that had applied to Abraham.

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