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Giants miss top targets


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I hate this Miami crap...I hope we don't have to suffer through it again. Give CP and Moss credit for maturing out of that pattern.




A whole bunch of players showed up Monday for the start of the Giants' voluntary off-season program. But none was named Jeremy Shockey or Plaxico Burress or LaVar Arrington.

Shockey and Burress, Eli Manning's top two targets, will work in the Miami area again this year while the quarterback contemplates traveling there to throw to them.

Arrington, the former Washington linebacker, continues to play the free agent field while his onetime teammate, Antonio Pierce, urges him to come to the Meadowlands.

"As of right now I plan to stay here and work out with the team," Manning said when asked about traveling to Florida to throw to his receivers – something his brother Peyton suggested. "I haven't talked to Shockey or Plaxico to find out their plans for the off-season and where they are going to be most of the time. Maybe we can work out something where we can get together and work out a little bit."

There are some lulls in Tom Coughlin's off-season schedule, including a full week off right after the NFL draft. Coughlin said at the NFL combine he thinks more would get done if those players came north to work with the rest of the team

"I expect when it's time for the OTAs [organized team activities], they'll all be here," Coughlin added.

Manning concurred. "I don't feel it's as necessary as it was last year, as important to me as it was last year," he said of throwing to his receivers in the off-season. "I'd still like to get some work with them. I'll see if I think it's that important to get that work in with them at this time, or just wait until the passing camps and do it then."


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