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Just a thought . . . 'Skins could be 2 games up on the entire division after Monday


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Skins are currently 1-0 while the rest of the division is 0-1 . . .

If they beat the Iggles, they'll be 2-0, whereas the Green Chickens will be 0-2 . . .

Rams will beat the Giants, who'll then be 0-2 . . .

And the Titans will stomp the Milk Squad, who'll also be 0-2 . . .

Just a thought . . .

Would be funny if it happens . . .

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Tom, I agree the Giants have a legitimate shot against the Rams but the Rams now have something to prove and are playing at home. The fans are going to be plenty loud and if the Giants don't get up on them early, it could be a long game for them.

While I definitely take the Giants and the points, I take the Rams straight up.

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