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Redskins.com Audio: Hopped up on narcotics.


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This should be the best Redskins.com Audio show to date because Larry should be on about six Vicadin due to a root canal he had recently. Ok, so he says he WON'T use 'em unless he has to, but, having had to use them in the past, I'll just say, "Use 'em while you got 'em." :).

There is probably room for more questions for today's show to be asked in the following thread:


This thread can be used to talk about the show today for instant feedback and the like. There is plenty of room in the next few days of show threads to ask questions, so feel free to put them up now.


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He says that he feels like he's ready to play, but he will keep working an getting more practice experiance in the meantime. Didn't say whether he would be starting this season or not ;)

Enjoyed his time with Patrick and Mark and he wishes Patrick the best and had a great time with him last year and he was a good friend.

(Was that Gibbs, that Larry was talking to for a second. Or another coach, he mentioned that Gibbs was there earlier.)

(ewwwww, Larry streaking? Yuck....thanks a lot Bob... :( )

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Did he answer the question about DVD Season Sets? This needs to be in the NFL's next TV deal.

He did just now, but someone from Alabama asked it....

Are you in Alabama?

He didn't sound like there was much that he knew about any possible DVD sets except that it would be up to NFL Films.


Well it's over now. Tomorrow he's going to answer any and all questions about why and how he got the job.

(Hmmm, did Erin do the NFL updates earlier? Oh well)

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I tried to second the question... I think Art didn't accept it.

I'm sick of that 1/2 hour NFL Films season junk we get every year. The NFL needs to build Season DVD Sets into the TV contract. They've been all the rage in the DVD world and huge money-makers. NFL Fillms is quite behind in the times.

People *could* use Direct TV and take the time to save all of the NFL Sunday Ticket stuff... but it would be nice to have a DVD.

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