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unsonny's **NEVER BEFORE SEEN** 2005 tailgate pics


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offseason blues have come to Hillsboro

over the next couple of days i'm gonna post some of the pictures that made it to the cutting room floor during the season's tailgating.

some - I just missed and some you'll know why they werent posted

NEVER BEFORE SEEN :cheers::cheers:

enjoy the show :laugh:

i'll start with the Philly Game - best tailgate of the year!!!!!

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

oh geeez

MissU28, KingGibbs and Huly

Tailgaters gone wild!!! :doh:

:laugh: :laugh: That's a great pic...ouch!(wife sneaks up behind KingGibbs and smacks him on the head) :D

See how happy I used to make you Huly? :doh: :laugh:

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