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First Primetime Game of the NFL New Year?


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Even thought the home team in the thursday night has to be the superbowl champs, nbc will have to kickoff their first time coverage of sunday night football. Even though im a die hard skins fan, i would love to see


Other potential games i would love to see

- Cincinnati at PITT ( rematch of what was supposed to be a great playoff game)

- WASH at Tampa ( new rivarly Chucky vs Gibbs)

- NYG at Seahawks last years game was great to watch

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what about redskins vs colts, not a better game beside our dallas games this year

i just dont see this being hyped as much with their triplet in tact, i would have loved to see that. Edge, Peyton and Marvin against MOss, Portis and Brunell

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not about playoffs here, TO vs mcnabb, he wants his revenge too

I might be inclined to wager that the Eagles wont play week one primetime.

It will be a hyped game for certain, I just dont see it as a week one matchup.

Steelers will play the Thursday game.

Seahawks will play the Sunday night game.

And IMO, Carolina will play the Monday night game.

Opponents to be determined.

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You guys are telling me that the Saints Vs Cards is not one your looking forward to.


Just playing. but the Saints Vs Chargers might be fun.

are you serious? only hype is brres against his old team. the saints are not improved and we will see how good this kid rivers is

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the redskins opening up the season? laughable.

its set as steelers vs. somebody (cinci or denver). because of the TO thing, its a good shot that the eagles open up mnf...which is just gonna be great given the media storm that will ensue. oh well, mnf on opening day at the linc calls for a crazy atmosphere and more time for the idiots to drink.

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everyone to get injuired.. sike thats mean, but i would like to see both teams in a brawl

It would be a good game. But it would only be good if it were played in Philly because I would want to see Philly fans reaction when they see Owens wearing the star.

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