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Redskins Poems / Haikus / Limmericks (Merged)


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Hello there fellow Extremers!

At 2:23 this early, early Monday morning, a glorious idea for a thread struck me. After all the excitement in early free agency, we undoubtedly all come to Extremeskins.com to check up on the Redskins latest doings. Inevitable is the twinge of dissapointment we all feel when we see that Mr. Snyder has yet to find a way to fill our holes at Nickel CB, and weak side linebacker (we all know that he will, however, so please spare the comments, as this is not the thread for it.).

The Tailgate has many fantastic games to pass the time, as most of you who have been there know. This was very random, but I thought I'd bring one to The Stadium. All of us, except those fans of other teams who choose to grace us with their presence, share the same passion and love for our Washington Redskins. Obviously we all think about them for hours at a time, and we wish for the season to be neverending, but that is simply out of the question. :)

So next time you need your Redskins fix, and none of the threads here in the Stadium seem to catch your fancy, add your own little flare of Redskins orientated expression, by contributing to this thread.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the makeup of a Haiku (I assume JRockster77 and Bonaf1de are highly familiar with it, and I expect them to be avid participators in this thread), I'll explain it for you.

Line 1: 5 syllables

Line 2: 7 syllables

Line 3: 5 syllables

I never thought the nonsense my middle school English teachers were spitting out would end up being of interest to me on a Redskins message board, but I suppose that just goes to show that you never know. :silly:

I'll start!

Santana Moss flies

Past Will Allen, one, two, three

Redskins victory.

I think reading all of your guys Haikus will be very entertaining, and writing them will be a fun way to express our fandom. I hope everyone else is as enthusiatic as I!

Happy writing, folks.

Edit: People have started writing little limmericks, and poems with some nice rhyme schemes. They're really great to read, so a Haiku is now only an idea for this thread. Keep the Redskins creativity coming! It's great!

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If you would look back at the WE WANT DALLAS threads and all of the other "we want" threads, you will see the there are MANY Redskin haiku's for the season. I am sure you remember those......didn't you participate.

You might want to search for those and put them here also. We have some excellent posters here.


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Brunell no factor?

Then who threw the ball to Moss?

It wasn't Portis.

Twenty-three touchdowns

With just ten interceptions

Best season ever.

Twenty-three touchdowns

With just ten interceptions

Pat would reverse that.

Moss had career year,

As did Brunell. Pro-Bowl stats.

Expect more next year.

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Moss has career year

running screen passes for scores

makes brunell look great

23 touchdowns

11 are short dump offs

not as impressive

Moss has career year

Gains half his yards after catch

Brunell not factor

Oakland comes to town

Brunell "lights up" worst defense

loses game for skins

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