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Some out of town mdia arent so bad


Will you cheer or boo when Lavar comes back to FedEX?  

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  1. 1. Will you cheer or boo when Lavar comes back to FedEX?

    • I would cheer for all the things Lavar has done for the team and community
    • I would boo him if he comes back as Eagles, Giants, or Cowboys
    • I would boo him no matter what for leaving the team...

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I know this is in the news section already but this guy seems well informed nd quite balanced when writing not just about his team but others in the NFL too . Why cannot some nationally syndicated and indeed home town writiers be so subjective ... i think we know who i'm talking about

He tried as hard as he could to explain what we have known here. He did well to try. He wasn't right about Arrington HAVING to be cut and, in fact, he wouldn't have been save surrendering the money. He wasn't right about the goodness of Cory Raymer any longer either. But, he tried to break down the numbers so people who see his stuff could understand what too few fans seem to.

There's more to the salary cap than just bonus dollars. :).

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